The presentation of the subject material was very good and pre-paired us to pass the test with ease. The instructor was well pre-paired and knowledgeable of the subject course. This is very useful information for safe food served in our daycare.

Lao & Lassie Preschool, Anniston, Alabama

The course was great! Well paced with plenty of breaks. We learned a lot about proper food handling and procedures for all dining and prep areas.

The Hillel’s of Georgia, Emory and UGA

Great class, concise and to the point on all things food safety.

Vittone’s Pizzaria, Alabama

The experience was very informative and pleasant. We learned a lot.

Peter’s Pizzeria and Siena Restaurant, Kearny, NJ.

The class was fun and educational. We’ve learned new things and will pass this on to our co-workers so we can have a clean and healthy work place at all times. This experience was entertaining and knowledgeable. The topics were clearly defined and the goal of the class was achieved. We recommend this course to other food safety managers.

Express Mart, Alabama

It’s been great fun attending class. We learned many important things about the food safety details. Now I feel like we can really run our restaurant safer for everyone.

Thank you. Subway, Englewood, NJ

The class is enjoyable, with additional knowledge we can use to ensure our compliance with the food code. We definitely recommend the class to any food service establishment.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (King Kohl), Alabama

Dine Assured has provided us with the educational resources necessary to run a large business committed to food safety for each customer.

Proof of the Pudding, Gwinnett Center and Arena, Georgia

We really enjoyed the class. The instructor was great and makes the participants feel at home. The information learned will help a lot in both the back and front of the “house”/ restaurant. We can’t wait to show the health inspector what we’ve learned.

TThanks again.Mama Holden’s, Alabama

The course was informative and will be useful in training others in food service. We will recommend you to all our friends.

Thank you, Steve’s Cue & Grill, Alabama

This class was very educational with a great teacher!

Cajun Café, Alabama

We feel like the training received will help to keep our customers healthy because our food will be safe. It will also help with our health inspection ratings.

C.F. Penn Hamburgers, Alabama

You learn something new every day! We enjoyed the Dine Assured class. The instructor made the class very interesting and exciting.

Sawyer’s Grocery, Alabama

comments from nationally based school systems:

Dine Assured instructs on daily tools we can use in all our kitchens.

We enjoy the kids we serve in our district. This course has increased our knowledge to make sure we are in compliance and keeping our kids safe!

We will incorporate all the temperature based information and foodborne illness prevention measures we learned into our monthly trainings.

We learned so many things. We are also now prepared to work more effectively with our local health department. This class will help us keep students and ourselves safe.

This course has helped us gain knowledge of detailed procedures and guidelines must be followed and this course will help us teach our co-workers the same. This training was so informative.

Although there is so much information to learn, this course was easy to understand.

This course will help us when faced with any food problem and as we strive to better train our employees.

I will use this food code information in preparation for our next health inspection as well as relay the knowledge that was obtained to co-workers so we are all on the same page. The knowledge obtained in this course should not be selfishly retained, but shared in order to continue to have a safe, sanitary healthy food preparation environment for our children and continue to excel in our scores with health departments.

After this course, we will be even more cautious when handling food. This course was great! The instructor made the day a lot more fun and interesting, and I loved the instructor’s techniques.