our food code safety services:

Our food code safety programs Increase food safety awareness in food service establishments through innovative trainings and proactive education.

Our food code safety programs are designed to help food service establishments comply with FDA Food Code standards by providing tools and training necessary to ensure a safe and healthy dining environment. By making food safety current, understandable and accessible, everyone can make food safety a priority in their establishment.
  • certified food safety (protection) manager

    Our State Approved Certified Food Safety Manager's Program (often called ServSafe) is comprehensive training above and beyond typical Certification courses. We provide you and your staff with current FDA and Local State Food Code training materials and instruction during this one day program. Through our easily understood instruction and resources, we train your team members on the importance of preventing all foodborne illness. Certification is valid for 5 years. Materials are mailed out in advance.

  • fda food code training

    FDA Food Code training is a two-hour program designed to empower your staff with the resources to find specific information in your state Food Code in an easily, accessible format. We are committed to helping you and your staff understand this challenging document. Prepare yourself with these valuable resources. Class times scheduled at your establishment, at your convenience.

  • inspection report form training

    This two hour program is designed for managers in food service companies as a brief overview of your local health inspection report form and how it specifically relates to the updated FDA Food Code.

    The topics covered include:

        Demonstration of knowledge required by the person in charge
        Proper use of exclusion and restriction
        Implementing an employee health policy specifically related communicable diseases
        Knowledge of parasite destruction
        Receiving and documentation of temperatures, proper cook temperatures, proper cold holding and hot holding
        The use of time as a public health control
        Proper date marking and the prevention of contamination

  • food safety basics

    Dine Assured's Food Safety Basics course includes fundamental information applicable for all kitchen, service and management staff. This two-hour course is essential for all new food service employees. Provided at your facility, this program includes: knowledge of personal hygiene based on new FDA food code standards, personal health related to foodborne illness, avoiding cross-contamination, cleaning and sanitation, and the HACCP concept.

  • on-site food safety hub

    Keep you and your staff updated on FDA mandates with this user-friendly Educational Center. Weekly training modules (summarized, practical food code applications) will ensure confidence and compliance by all food service personnel. This 22 x 40 inch visual tool also includes: your required cook temperatures; the 17 questions with answers for “demonstration of knowledge” by the person in charge; the use of “time as a public health control”; your summarized employee health policy; daily/shift posting of the “person in charge” and a staff check form on weekly training module comprehension. This is Accelerated Food Safety made current, visual and easy!

    Note: Each weekly training module consists of just one page of current Food Code training information that can be read in five minutes and/or used as a weekly 15 minute format as a staff development model.

    Value: After 32 weeks using our training modules, staff are prepared to take the Certified Food Safety Manager’s test (five year certification).

  • haccp: hazard analysis critical control point

    A consistent method of avoiding biological, chemical and physical hazards in our food. Preventing foodborne illness by analyzing all potential hazards and identifying specific critical control points. We make HACCP easy and accessible through the utilization of clear, concise documentation.

  • restaurant audits

    Performed by experienced environmentalists, your on-site audit empowers you to be in the 100% compliance with the FDA food code. Structured around your local health inspection form, we’ll advise and provide documentation for management on how to daily avoid critical violations.

  • school in-service

    New mandates from both USDA (which includes HACCP: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and the FDA Food Code means increased training and program development for all schools in the United States. School Nutrition Departments must provide training that equips every employee with the knowledge and skills necessary to be in 100% compliance with both sets of regulations.

    The Dine Assured In-Service Program is exciting, comprehensive and adaptable for every school. During training, an easy-to-use HACCP documentation system is used to help staff meet daily monitoring requirements of both the USDA and FDA.