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haccp: hazard analysis critical control point:

Dine Assured provides Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, easy and accessible
through the utilization of clear, concise documentation for all Standard Operating
Procedures (SOP’s). This is a consistent method of avoiding biological, chemical
and physical hazards for all foods. Our SOP’s provide instruction on the Purpose
and Scope of each procedure, Key Words, Detailed Instructions, Monitoring and
Documentation, and Corrective Action Steps.

We customize HACCP according to the detailed “Flow of Food” in your specific
facility, creating increased proficiency and accuracy in documentation. Every
Standard Operation Procedure meets legal criteria for USDA compliance and
current FDA standards.

HACCP with Dine Assured is complimented with our hands-on approach to training key staff and performing routine educational audits. Our comprehensive expertise provides 100% compliance within your food safety production system, helping ensure no foodborne illness.