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State Retail Site(s) Food Code
Alabama Department of Public Health, Food Safety Program and Lodging & Body Art (tattoo, piercing) Rules of Alabama State Board of Health, Bureau of Environmental Services, Chapter 420-3-22 for Food Establishment Sanitation (available in PDF)
Alaska The Division of Environmental Health, Food Safety and Sanitation Program Alaska Food Code - Amendments
Arizona Office of Environmental Health Services, Food Safety and Environmental Services Arizona Food Safety Regulations
Arkansas Environmental Health Services, Food Service Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Retail Food Establishments (available in PDF)
California Department of Health Services, Food and Drug Branch CCURFFL 2206 Part 7. Retail Food (available in PDF)
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Consumer Protection Division Retail Food CColorado Retail Food Establishment Rules and Regulation (available in PDF)
Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, Food and Standards Division

Department of Public Health, Food Protection Program
Regulations Concerning Food Stores, Itinerants, Food Service, and Catering
Delaware Health and Social Services, Food Safety Delaware Food Code
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Food Safety

Department of Business and Professional Regulations, Division of Hotels and Restaurants

Department of Health, Division of Environmental Health, Division of Environmental Health
Minimum Construction Standards and Specification Checklist

SStandards for Mobile Food Units, Pushcarts and Semipermanent Vendors (available in PDF)

Retail Food Establishment Permitting Requirements
Georgia Department of Agriculture, Consumer Protection - Food Safety

DDivision of Public Health, Environmental Health
Rules and Regulations Governing Food Service (available in PDF)
Hawaii DeDepartment of Health, Food and Drug Branch Food Establishment Sanitation (available in PDF)
Idaho Department of Health & Welfare, Food Protection Program Idaho Food Code
Illinois Department of Public Health, Food, Drugs and Dairies Food Services Sanitation Code

Retail Food Store Sanitation Code
Indiana Department of Health, Food Protection Program RetRetail Food Establishment Sanitation Requirements (available in PDF)
Iowa DepDepartment of Inspections and Appeals, Food and Consumer Safety Iowa Food Code (available in PDF)
Kansas Department of Agriculture, Division of Food Safety Kansas Food Code (available in PDF)

Vending Machine Regulations
Kentucky Department for Public Health, Food Safety Retail Food Code

Kentucky Food Establishment Act and State Retail Food Code
Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, Food and Drug Program Department of Health and Hospitals, Retail Food Program

Louisiana Public Heath Sanitary Code (available in  PDF)
Maine Department of Agriculture, Quality, Assurance, and Regulations

Department of Health and Human Services, Health Inspections Program
State of Maine Food Code 2001 (available in MS WORD)
Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, Division of Food Control Retail Facilities

Maryland Food Code (available in English PDF, Spanish PDF and Korean PDF) (from Baltimore City)
Massachusetts Health and Human Services, Retail Food Minimum Sanitation Standards for Food Establishments (available in PDF)
Michigan Department of Agriculture, Food Safety Food Law of 2000 (Excerpt) Act 92 of 2000 289.6101 Incorporated by Reference

Public Health Code (Excerpt) Act 368 of 1978, Part 129 Food Service Sanitation (available in  PDF)
Minnesota Department of Agriculture, Food Safety

Department of Health, Food Safety Center
Minnesota Food Code Fact Sheets and Frequently Asked Questions

Minnesota Food Code
Mississippi Department of Agriculture & Commerce, Regulatory Services

Department of Health, Food Code
Mississippi Food Regulations
Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services, Food Safety Missouri Food Code
Montana Public Health & Safety Division, Food & Consumer Safety Montana Food Service Establishments Administrative Rule (available in PDF)
Nebraska Department of Agriculture, Foods Department of Agriculture, Food Code
Nevada Health Division, Inspections - Food and Drink Establishments Chapter 446 - Nevada State Legislature Administrative Code - Food Establishments
New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, Food Protection New Hampshire General Courts - Sanitary Production and Distribution of Food Requirements
New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, The Food and Drug Safety Program Rulemaking in Progress. See News Release: Department of Health and Senior Services Proposes to Repeal Existing Rules and Adopt New Rules at N.J.A.C. 8:24, the Rules Governing Retail Food Establishments and Food and Beverage Vending Machines (available in PDF)
New Mexico Environment Department Food Program

Environment Department Food Service and Food Processing
Food Service and Food Processing Regulations
New York Department of Agriculture & Markets, Division of Food Safety & Inspection

Department of Health, Food Handling, Preparation, and Storage
Retail Food Store Sanitation Regulations
North Carolina Environmental Health Services, Dairy and Food Protection Branch Food and Drug Protection Division, Food Program Laws (PDF)
North Dakota Department of Health, Division of Food and Lodging North Dakota Requirements for Food and Beverage Establishments

Department of Health, Food and Lodging Requirements
Ohio Department of Agriculture, Food Safety Division

Department of Health, Food Safety
Retail Food Establishments Chapter 901:3-4
(available in PDF)

Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code (available in PDF)
Oklahoma Consumer Health Service Programs, Retail Foods State of Oklahoma Food Code Food Service Establishments
Oregon Department of Human Services, Foodborne Illness Prevention Program Department of Agriculture, Food Safety Division Laws and Regulations

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Restaurant/Retail Food Facilities Chapter 46. Food Code
Rhode Island Department of Health, Office of Food Protection Food Code
South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, Food Protection Food Protection Regulations
South Dakota Department of Health, Health Protection Food Service Code
Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Food and Dairy Section

Department of Health, General Environmental Health
Retail Food Store Sanitation Rules (available in PDF)
Texas Department of State Health Services, Regulatory Services - Environmental and Consumer Safety Section Texas Food Establishment Rules
Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, Food Compliance Rule R70-530.Food Protection - Department of Administrative Services, Division of Administrative Rules
Vermont Department of Health, Food & Lodging Program Health Regulations for Food Service Establishments (available in PDF)
Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Food Safety

Department of Health, Environmental Health Services, Food Safety
Department of Health Environmental Health Services, Food Regulations
Washington Department of Health Food Safety Program Chapter 246-215 WAC Food Service Rule

Food Service Administrative Code
West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, Food

Department of Agriculture
Food Service Establishments (available in MS Word)
Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection, Food Processing & Safety

Department of Health & Family Services, Food Safety & Recreational Licensing

Department of Health & Family Services - Food Code
Wyoming Department of Agriculture, Consumer Health Services Wyoming Food Safety Rule (available in PDF)