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7 ways to reduce stress during your restaurant inspection

Your Inspection Report Score is directly connected to revenue. Due to changes and updates to the FDA Food Code, consistent food safety education and its daily application will increase assurance of maintaining a good score or improving your current one.

The following are just a few suggestions in preparation for your next inspection:

    1. Prepare your staff with a specific protocol to be followed while being

    2. Make sure all staff practice good hand washing at all times and especially
    during an inspection.

    3. Post signage according to food code requirements.

    4. Know some basic food code language and what each means: Foodborne
    Illness (FBI), Temperature Danger Zone (TDZ), Hazard Analysis Critical Control
    Point (HACCP), Employee Health Policy, Exclusion and Restriction, Reporting
    of the five communicable diseases, etc.

    5. Have an accurate thermometer, alcohol swabs, sanitation test strips and hairnet that are easily accessible so that you are immediately
    prepared to walk with your health inspector. Suggestion: keep these items in a Fannie Pack for easy use of your testing equipment.

    6. Immediately correct items that are out of compliance.

    7. Gain as much insight on the Inspection Report Form and how it works before your next inspection.