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All Certified Food Safety Manager’s Courses are only $158.00 per person

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on-site food safety hub

Keep you and your staff updated on FDA mandates with this user-friendly
Educational Center. Weekly training modules (summarized, practical food code
applications) will ensure confidence and compliance by all food service personnel.
This 22 x 40 inch visual tool also includes: your required cook temperatures; the
17 questions with answers for “demonstration of knowledge” by the person in
charge; the use of “time as a public health control”; your summarized employee
health policy; daily/shift posting of the “person in charge” and a staff check form
on weekly training module comprehension. This is Accelerated Food Safety
made current, visual and easy!

Note: Each weekly training module consists of just one page of current Food
Code training information that can be read in five minutes and/or used as a weekly
15 minute format as a staff development model.

Value: After 32 weeks using our training modules, staff are prepared to take the Certified Food Safety Manager’s test (five year certification).