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new jersey certified food protection manager mandates effective january 2010

New Jersey restaurants classified as Risk Type III establishments are required to maintain a Certified Food Safety Professional (Certified Food Protection Manager), by January 2, 2010 (See N.J.A.C. 8:24 - 2.1b). This is a legal requirement in order to be in compliance with the New Jersey Food Code.

In addition to maintaining at least one Certified Food Protection Manager per establishment, a restaurant must maintain, at all hours of operation, a designated Person-in-Charge. This Person-in-Charge must be knowledgeable of the New Jersey Food Code requirements and familiar with all aspects of the restaurant’s operation.

For more information about this requirement visit The New Jersey Environmental Health Association Website.

A restaurant manager or service staff may become a Certified Food Protection Manager by successfully passing an examination given by one of the following Conference for Food Protection approved testing companies:
  • The National Registry of Food Safety Professionals
  • The National Restaurant Association (ServSafe)
  • Thompson Prometric

Important (critical) added value to passing this required test, is to take the
instructional portion from an organization that specializes in the New Jersey Food

The following, are recommended questions to ask before registering to take the
Certified Food Protection Manager program.

The instructor/organization should be able to answer, in detail, these questions:

    1. Can you provide critical information about new inspection report form

    2. Are you aware of any recent mandates associated with the Certified Food Protection Manager’s responsibilities?

    3. Do you understand the new requirements regarding “standardization” for all health inspectors?

    4. Can you provide documentation of your knowledge base regarding practical application of the Food Code?

    5. Can you train me on how to Score an “A” and keep it?

    6.Will you provide detailed inspection report form training during the course?

    7. Can you provide specific answers to the 17 FDA (Demonstration of Knowledge) questions listed in the Food Code?

    8. Will you summarize the cumbersome FDA Employee Health Policy into a one-page document so that I can understand it?

    9. Can you provide weekly training modules so that my staff is current on all FDA/New Jersey Food Code standards? Your time and
    resources are critical to your success and business! Use this information to interview and qualify your food safety provider/instructor.

    10. Can you rely on them for Certification and “Everything Food Safety”?